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Repression will not lower the voltage!

Posted: juillet 18th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Antirep, Texts in English | Commentaires fermés sur Repression will not lower the voltage!

For several months, repression against those involved in the fight against High Voltage power lines (THT) in Cotentin-Maine has increased dramatically. These high voltage power lines, imposed on local people, are dangerous for the health and only serve the private interests linked to the nuclear industry. This struggle took off early in the project, and saw further acceleration after blocking the CASTOR nuclear waste train, when work started for the lines in November 2011.

It then developed, particularly in Le Chefresne, village of the county of la Manche affected by the THT line and opposed to the project, both on the part of the town hall and the local population against the THT line and for the immediate stopping of nuclear power. Once the general assembly of le Chefresne set up, many public actions were organised (removing nuts and bolts from pylons, occupying sites, etc.), to halt construction sites of the project conducted by RTE (Réseau de Transport de l’Electricité, a subsidiary of EDF ). The nuclearised French State, walking hand in hand with RTE, has decided once again to use repression to halt the struggle, arresting activists, convoking others, and by putting people on trial.

Most recently, a weekend against the THT lines was organised near Chefresne, from 22nd to 24th June to organise debates and to think especially about the anti-nuclear movement, ending with a public action against THT lines. But 600 policemen awaited the 500 participants, whose orders were to injure people (25 injured) more than to intervene (one person was arrested and will be in court in August).

The state and RTE prefer and try to suppress and stifle a legitimate dispute. (Police) Forces under the command of RTE are looking for the slightest pretext. Thus, 2nd June 2012 in Saint Pierre des Landes (53), after wounding an activist, they took the opportunity to sue him on the grounds of violently resisting arrest. In the same place, someone is accused of having driven his vehicle too close to a policewoman while parking it… An offence so obvious that he was arrested six days after the event, once RTE, the prefet and the police were also sued… Finally, preferring to harm rather than arrest people on 24 June, the authorities are trying to blame the only person available to them with the spraining of a finger and bruises to the hands of two “injured” policemen, although he does not match the description of the person drawn up by them. Several court cases are pending (one has already taken place).

Each time we call for a support rally in front of the court.


6th August 2012: 2pm, Court of Coutances
Trial of the activistd arrested in Montabot, 24th June.

21st August: Court of Coutances, the verdict of the trial held on 19th June

23rd August : 2pm, Court of Laval
Trial of militant wounded and then arrested on 2nd June, in Saint Pierre des Landes.

23rd November : 9am Cnd ourt of Laval
Trial of activist arrested 10th July after an action dating back to 4th July

9th October : Trial of three people in Cherbourg
following actions near Valognes on 23rd November 2011.

To help and / or participate:

 Come to the rallies and actions …

 Donate by cheque (write THT on the back of the cheque)
to the Association for Solidarity and the Legal Aid:
Association Pour la Solidarité et l’Aide Juridique
APSAJ, 6 cours des Alliés, 35000 Rennes, France.

Contact anti-repression of the anti-THT: +33 (0) or antirep-tht at riseup dot net

More information on and




1st and 2nd Sept. 2012: General Meeting at Le Chefresne, in the (occupied) wood of la Bévinière.

29th Sept. : anti-nuclear and anti-THT rally in Avranches